Selasa, 22 Mei 2012

Get Your Health Insurance and Ensure a Healthy and Happy Life

We know how much we love our near and dear ones. So much that we would never take a chance of risking their life when they are sick or injured. The cost of health care has been skyrocketing where family loans and personal loans are not reliable; hence we have a health insurance policy. A medical policy insures the cost of an individual's medical expenses. Medical policy additionally consists hospitalization coverage for anyone who is hospitalized intended for in excess of one day. It reimburses you for your regular hospital consultations. It covers the pre and post hospitalization charges. It allows you to access cashless hospitalization in the best hospitals. A medical policy for you and your family offers lots of aids when you have to spend enormous sums on hospital treatments. To keep your medical policy you pay a certain amount (premium) once each year.

There are different types of health insurances. Individual insurance covers only the applicant's health and hospital routines. For those who wish to bring their family members under the shade of health insurance can choose Family Floater plan. The parents, senior citizens, who are more prone to illness, can be covered under Senior Citizen Insurance with extra privileges considering their present health status and Hospitalization Insurance for a hospital procedure like rooms, medicines, treatments etc. You can enjoy the shelter of medical policy even of you fall sick or get injured while traveling if you apply for Travel Health Insurance. Thus, having a health insurance policy assures you each and every moment of your life towards a good life.

Getting health insurance cover for your family is extremely easy. Any person who is above 18 years can apply for the policy. The customer can buy the policy for any family member(s) children and / or parents. The insured should be above 3 months in case of floater and 6 years in case of an individual. To cover children aged between 3 months to 5 years, at least 1 adult must also be covered with the policy. Different companies have their own maximum age restrictions to purchase health insurance, usually 60years. All the applicants need to show their age proof and identity proof.

Often people think that if they do not get any chance to utilize the premium they are paying each year, e.g. if they do not need any kind of medical treatment at all for a year, their premium would be futile. Unfortunately, it is not true. We never know the future and cannot foresee its health hazard coming our way. In such cases, if we are not prepared, we could be in trouble and risk the lives of our beloved ones. This is when medical policies, come into serious help. The premium that we had been paying would come to our rescue.

Health insurance helps protect an individual or family from monetary loss for costs suffered because of disease or damage. Get your health insurance as soon as you can and take a deep breath of relief.